Due to open on 03/01/2022

Anime Excess Classic would like to welcome you to our wholesale division, we'd like to explain how to begin your journey into the business of wholesaling with Rewards.

To signup with us, you'll need to email us at wholesale@animeexcess.com.au

With the following details:

  • Business name, ABN
  • Store/Online location
  • Description of what your business would like and will bring to the table

Once your business is accepted you'll be given a trial account for 1 week. Within the week given you will be limited to searching goods. If our prices match your needs/expectations you can request full activation of the account and a list of Terms And Conditions will be sent to the email supplied.

At first, with the wholesale division, we will take in only 6 business with our first intake which starts on the 3rd of January 2022, then with the next intake it will be July 1st 2022 and another 6 business will be aloud to join, and then around the end of next year we will open up the wholesale division to any other business that wishes to join us.

To be a part of the first 6 business please do not hesitate to contact us via wholesale@animeexcess.com.au, thank you.