How to tell if your Anime Merchandise is a Bootleg

How to tell if your Anime Merchandise is a Bootleg

Published: Oct 3, 2021 6:20 PM
Categories: Collectables / advice

With the rise of Bootleg and Fake Merchandise, we thought it would be prudent to have an article to help you identify Bootleg, Fake, or Genuine Merchandise to help you decide what items to purchase or keep (if you already have Bootlegged/Fake items), and to help you make a more informed choice on your purchases.

There will always be Bootlegged and Fake items in not only the Anime market, but pretty much any market where goods can be easily duplicated. Anime Excess endeavours to only provide Genuine Products, being collectors ourselves, we understand how upsetting it can be to discover purchased items aren't Genuine.

Some of the obvious ways to tell a Bootleg or Fake (wait, let's just call them all Bootleg's for clarity), is to look out for obvious signs, which can be hard to tell when purchasing online, as seller's could (and do) retouch and manipulate photo's to encourage purchases, making it very hard to tell the difference at times, even making it hard to to see larger images. It's probably best to avoid online stores that do this, if they can't provide a decent photo's of items, it's highly likely they are trying to hide the fact that the item is a Bootleg.

Here's some things to look out for:

  • Colour, often Bootleg's won't be the correct colour, or be a completely different colour.
  • Text on the packaging, should be Japanese, not Chinese, or Korean.
  • Wrong Logo for the series that Figure or Merchandise belongs to.
  • The Font or Lettering Style on the Packaging, which would normally be the same as the series the Merchandise belongs to.
  • No Bar-code on the Packaging.
  • No authentication or official license sticker.
  • Japanese Manufacturer's are quite meticulous about the packaging of their Merchandise, so look out for:
    • Artwork not lining up correctly, or parts being printed over other parts.
    • Fuzzy Artwork that hasn't been printed clearly.
    • Colour too harsh, mostly likely due to being photographed and manipulated before printing.

We hope this brief article helps you to identify Bootleg Merchandise, of course you are more than welcome to purchase Bootleg item's, we just want to make sure you can identify them.

Below are some resource's that can help you with further information:

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